• Automatic Powerful Article Summaries

  • Article Sentiment and Risk Scoring

  • Query-based Alerts
  • Machine Learning Based Automated Analysis

  • Powerful Search Engine

Research Center

Comprehensive topic tracking and news aggregation. Powerful search combined with deep text analytics and rich dashboards.  Today’s online news and social media can no longer be read and comprehended one article at a time.  Our tool gleans insights across the news and provides a deep entity level search to surface the most critical and impactful articles to your brand or business.

Research Report
Live Dashboard Example

  • Defined with Powerful Search Engine

  • Article Sentiment, Risk Scoring, PESTEL, Prediction and More

  • Query-based Alerts
  • Machine Learning Based Automated Analysis

  • Extensive drill down

Sample Markets

  • Enterprise Risk Management (Energy, FinServ, Healthcare, etc.)
  •  Geopolitical Risk Services
  •  Financial Services (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Other)
  •  Supply Chain
  •  Politics, Political Campaigns, Public Policy
  • Direct to Consumer (CPG, Pharma, Retail, Leisure)
  • Marketing Services (PR, Market Research, Agency)

Insight Pack

Dashboard-based reporting on a tuned customer topic including research center, time series analysis and comparison insights across key Science4Data analysis metrics. Visualize how Sentiment, Risk and other measures vary over time, countries and media sources.

FinCrime Dashboard - Science4Data
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  • Automatic Powerful Article Summaries

  • Complete Science4Data analysis module selection

  • Query-based Alerts
  • Machine Learning Based Automated Analysis

  • Powerful Search Engine

Analyst Pack

Advanced toolset for sophisticated analysts and independent researchers.  Create target solutions leveraging the powerful Science4Data Platform.  Supports deep research and rich multi search criteria and topic scheduling.  Blend Media and Social analysis with other key data assets in your enterprise.

Blockchain Dashboard
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Insight Engine | Full Stack AI for Decision Makers

Before you hire a data scientist or team of engineers, consider a tailored solution that fits your unique data ecosystem shaped specifically for answering the most important questions you have this year. Insight Engine is a combination of proprietary tools and expert data scientists spanning multiple decades of experience and fields of research. Born academics, our team is ready to apply scientific methods to find repeatable results.

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Sample GetRisk Insights

Article Entity Density over time

This chart shows the entity density of key entities in an analysis of the geopolitical factors impacting the cost of crude.  Entities are selectable and can provide deep insight over a large grouping of analyses articles over time.

GetRisk.Info | Tuned Search | Realtime Text & Information Monitoring

Enable your team to collaboratively explore rapidly evolving news streams from across the web. By creating tuned search queries, teams can configure alerts for the topics and trends that impact them. Our natural language processing (NLP) driven solution provides real-time monitoring of semantic information through academically proven text extraction techniques that were previously reserved for labs and scientists.  Our unique Perception Maps not only show critical Risk Measurement but, also exposes how messages are perceived across different Media channels and outlets.

  • Machine Learning Based Automated Analysis

  • Pairing Humans and Artificial Intelligence
  • Query-based Alerts
  • Fully Managed Service Offerings
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Live Dashboard Example

Teleprompter | AI-Driven Content Generator

Teleprompter is your organization’s natural language processing (NLP) powered content and media search tool and content production engine. Everyone from senior management to junior analysts can tune, then automate individual queries in the system to find ripples and trends in the full spectrum of sources that you monitor. Teleprompter surfaces insights that may be affecting markets, individual industries, or simply your brand.

  • Industry Agnostic
  • Fully Scalable Insights
  • Custom Integrations with Data Sources
Kickstart Your Insights

PESTEL Subdimension Daily Over Time

This chart shows the Percentage of Pestel components over time.  This analysis is across a set of relevant news articles over time and provides a rich view of the changing focus relative to the PESTEL.